$100,000 USDT Mega Draw!

Get your entry into the $100,000 USDT Mega Draw today!
Every deposit of $50 of more receives 1 ticket entry automatically into the draw.

For the next 42 days each deposit of $50 or more will receive 1 ticket into the draw and winners will be announced on November 30 with all funds being awarded on this date!

All winners will be published with their trading account nicknames on our website!

That means all you need to do is deposit $50 worth of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC or USDT into your trading account to receive your free ticket entry into the draw.

There are unlimited entries which means you can deposit as many times as you like. Each $50+ deposit will count as 1 entry and each $50+ withdrawal will act a 1 ticket deduction to avoid users from depositing & withdrawing the same funds repeatedly due our current active No Withdrawal Fee Promo

$100,000 Prize Pool!

The top 100 people will be paid  according to to the below schedule.

Positions rank according to how many tickets they hold so the person with the most amount of tickets will be at top spot with the person holding the least amount of tickets at last spot.

Position Prize (% of Prize Pool)
1 30%
2 20%
3-4 20% (shared)
5-10 15% (shared)
11-20 10% (shared)
21-100 5% (shared)

The total prize pool will be awarded to the value of TAGZ at USDT market rate at time of Mega Draw close; November 29, 5PM AEST.

Distribution of funds will be credited to winners on November 30 after finalization. 

Don’t miss out!