Affiliate Referral Program

TAGZ rewards its members with leading commissions that are among the highest in the industry. The best part of it is that commissions are paid on the lifetime of the customer that you bring to the TAGZ platform which will surely create a perpetual growing revenue stream for you.

Affiliate commissions are paid to members every 30 days which
you, as an affiliate could stand to earn in excess of $10,000+ per month. All from just a little effort by networking among your friends & family and online.

Commission Structure

The affiliate commission structure works in a very simple way: TAGZ profits from customer transactions by charging fees on each Buy and Sell that customers conduct on our site. We pay you a commission based on the fees collected.

As an affiliate we will pay you 25% of the net fees we collect.

Our fees and the commissions paid, are subject to change. During promotional events we may offer incentives above and beyond this structure for high performing members of our affiliate program and will communicate this accordingly.

By participating in the TAGZ Affiliate program, you accept our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.