Deposits & Withdrawals Now Active!

TAGZ Deposits and Withdrawals

Good news! Deposits & withdrawals are now live and working!

As you may be aware we released our BETA exchange platform earlier than expected because our community displayed so much eagerness to want to trade on the new platform. We did this by launching BETA on September 28th 2019 and it was undoubtedly a huge success!

With rolling out the new platform earlier than expected, we knew there would be some challenges such as delays in activating certain aspects of the exchange and one of those things being deposits & withdrawals.



All deposits are live and working except for Ethereum Classic (ETC) which we are working to activate as soon as possible to release the ETC/USDT, ETC/BTC and ETC/ETH markets.



Withdrawals have been tested and are now active and working for the majority of assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and ALL ERC20 Tokens.

All trading accounts will need to be at KYC Level 1 to be able to withdraw and have the “withdraw” button show as active in the user balance screen to proceed with the request.

The great news is that all withdrawal requests are processed by the blockchain automatically so there is no manual approval needed from our team at all!



Our developers #1 priority right now is building in to our platform the ability for all users to verify their account with KYC and integrating a whole new easy 3 step process flow for each account to be able to submit the required details.

Please note that all previous accounts that had already passed KYC on our old Alpha exchange will will need to go through the new KYC process. This is inline with government regulations by law so they cannot be circumvented.

The new KYC process is for your own security by protecting your account from identity theft or letting your funds get into the wrong hands. 

Example; if you had lost access to your registered email address or G2FA device than how would we know it is truly your account rather than someone else’s that could potentially lay claim to the same thing? Without a thief having any personal details including ID from you, this is virtually impossible to gain access to your funds. It also gives you piece of mind knowing that if you ever did lose access to your 2FA, we would be able to help unlock your account again using the KYC detail we have on file from you.


We’re working around the clock…

Our developers are working day and night with about 10 cups of coffee and a cans of Red Bull to have everything working as it should and building more functionality into the TAGZ exchange platform including the new KYC process.


Targeted date for the new KYC process to be fully rolled out and live is October 10th.