Free Community Aid for Scammed DOBI/RET Investors

TAGZ Charity

It has been a very tough and stressful time for users of DOBI exchange over the past 4 weeks as there has been a mass uproar against the DOBI team from innocent traders who got caught up in an absolute debacle by investing in the RET Token Scam.

It comes as no surprise to us since the crypto industry as a whole is still in it’s infancy and is what most people refer to as the Wild Wild West. It is so sad to see that scam exchanges such as DOBI allow un-vetted projects such as RET Token to not only be listed, but actively traded and then de-listed shortly after traders funds have been scammed and without recourse or justification, nor taking any responsibility either.

At TAGZ we are a regulated body and have no room for error. All projects we list go through a rigorous vetting procedure to make absolutely sure we are in-line with governmental policy and requirements. To know more and to verify our regulative licensing you can read this article.

Our morals encourage open transparency with a trusted team and collaborative community. 

It is with this in mind that we wish to do our part in cleaning up the crypto industry and even though we have no affiliation with RET Token at all, we feel it is our duty to offer impacted investors of this scam a way to look forward and be part of a regulated and trusted exchange platform.


The Facts

Since the whole situation with DOBI and RET started there has been a lot of investigation from the community including the recent account suspension of the official DOBI Medium Account and the popup exchanges that closely resemble DOBI’s website which include; &

There have been projects who have been listed on DOBI like MEXC who have been scammed aswell as others.

To read more about the DOBI Exchange scam there has been a collaborative effort from the effected parties by going into depth in their findings with actual facts. You can see Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 of the scam on Medium.

How can TAGZ help you?

We will be awarding $100 (34,4820 TAGZ Tokens at current market rate) to each and every person who was a RET investor on the DOBI exchange.

If you invested in RET and were scammed by DOBI please follow these 3 simple steps to claim your free TAGZ Tokens:

Step 1: Register a free trading account on TAGZ Exchange by clicking here.

Step 2: Join the official TAGZ Telegram group and post the message “I’m here for the free community aid”

Step 3: Fill in this quick form for your manual credit to be applied.

Ends September 25th.