TAGZ BETA Exchange is Now LIVE!

TAGZ BETA Exchange

The TAGZ Beta Platform is LIVE at last! 

It has been an epic journey for us the past 6 months as there is always minor bumps in the road for any cryptocurrency project and TAGZ was no exception.

From targeted FUD and false accusations like ‘we’re not licensed‘ to statements saying that our previous ‘Alpha platform only costed $75 to purchase’, the scare tactics used by competitor exchanges trying to label us a scam did not work!

TAGZ Exchange (BETA) is live and kicking and we have all our investors, active community members and bounty participants to thank for your your unwavering support along the way. A big thank you to all of you.

Click here to visit TAGZ Exchange BETA and see how far the platform has progressed with all the new developments we have made.


Q: I already had a trading account on the old Alpha platform. What happens now and how do I get access to it?

A: Your old Alpha account details have already been merged automatically by our team into your new Beta trading account.

  • For security purposes all previous account passwords have been disabled. You will need to click the I forgot my password link to request a reset of your password. Please use the exact same email address that you previously registered with on the old Alpha exchange. You will receive an email to reset your password and then proceed to login.

  • Your previous UserID number has now been converted into an internal account number. To reference your account in future to our support staff – you will need to create a unique nickname in your account profile. Please login to your trading account and fill in your profile details including nickname by selecting “profile” from the menu once logged in.

Q: What happens with the funds I had in my old Alpha account?

A: Your funds are totally secure and have been automatically sent over to the new Beta platform. Once you have logged in to your account you will be able to check your balances for all assets in the “balance” tab.

Q: What happened with my previous trade orders that were pending in the old Alpha exchange?

A: All pending trade orders that were not executed at time of Alpha being decommissioned were cancelled and the funds were automatically credited back to your available balance. You will need to re-create any trade orders again that were part of the old Alpha platform, if you so choose.

Q: Is KYC necessary? and what if I already passed KYC previously on the old Alpha exchange?

A: All new and merged accounts part of the new Beta exchange are set as default to Level 1. This means that if you have passed KYC previously as part of the old Alpha platform, you will need to resubmit a new KYC application to have your account verified to Level 2 and above. 

  • Level 0: (No KYC)
    – All accounts are defaulted to this level.
    – Can login, deposit, trade

  • Level 1: (Self image and Government ID)
    – Can login, deposit, trade
    – Withdrawal enabled

  • Level 2: (Self image, Government ID and Proof of Address)
    – Can login deposit, trade and withdrawal
    – Withdrawal limit raised

  • Level 3: (Improved Self image, 2x Government ID and Proof of Address)
    – Can login deposit, trade and withdrawal
    – Withdrawal limit raised

Q: Are there still more updates to come for added options and functionality in BETA?

A: There are still more improvements to be added and tweaks on the front-end along with more exchange features too. We will be adding these to the platform across the next 10 days.

We hope you love TAGZ Beta!