TAGZ Beta Exchange Platform Launching Sep 28th For REAL!

Our team has been working around the clock to make sure that we deliver as promised inline with our roadmap. Today we are excited to formally announce that our hard work has paid off and we will be launching the TAGZ Beta Exchange Platform on September 28th 2019. 

Our current exchange; TAGZ Alpha will be decommissioned and upgraded to the new version 3 days prior to the release date. This means that all account and trading access will be temporarily suspended on September 25th and will recommence on our new Beta platform.

All accounts will be merged into the new platform throughout the above 3 day maintenance period and upon live launch all registered users will be notified via email to login using a secure link and to reset their login password aswell as being prompted to activate 2FA.

Trading balances and account funds will not be effected when merged so there is no reason to be concerned. We have taken all precautionary security steps to guarantee a 100% accurate and no frills merge.

TAGZ Beta PlatformThe new TAGZ Beta Exchange Platform is a complete rehaul with a brand new implemented design together with a lightning fast transaction and trading system capable of upto 75,000TPS!
  • Quicker than NASDAQ
    The new TAGZ Exchange Platform will have the current world's fastest trade engine capable of 75,000 transactions per second which surpasses NADAQ!

  • Enhanced Security
    The platform will encompass state of the art infrastructure with AES-256 layer encryption and multi server cross-referencing.

  • Custody Protection Guaranteed
    Asset funds will be kept in our cold storage custody solution preventing any malicious hacks allowing funds to be kept on the exchange without concern.

  • No Exchange Trading Fees
    A Completely fee-less exchange with absolutely no hidden charges or maker/taker fees at all whatsoever.

  • 24/7 Access
    Reliable 100% up-time with around the clock account access to all asset trading and balances.

  • Instant Deposit & Withdrawals
    All deposits and withdrawals will be processed automatically without any manual delay.

Our goal over the next 12 weeks...

Over the next 3 months heading to Christmas time our goal is to position ourselves at the worlds largest altcoin market. The place to go when trading altcoins with zero trading fees.

Achieving this goal will be no east feat but we are so confident in our approach and our future marketing strategy that we will be adding a total of 450 altcoins on our platform inline with the following schedule starting 1st October:

Week 1: 10 new altcoins will be added

Week 2: 15 new altcoins will be added

Week 3: 20 new altcoins will be added

Week 4: 25 new altcoins will be added

Week 5: 30 new altcoins will be added

Week 6: 35 new altcoins will be added

Week 7: 40 new altcoins will be added

Week 8: 45 new altcoins will be added

Week 9: 50 new altcoins will be added

Week 10: 55 new altcoins will be added

Week 11: 60 new altcoins will be added

Week 12: 65 new altcoins will be added


All altcoins being added will go through our initial vetting procedure with it being mandatory that every altcoin must be actively listed on CoinMarketCap for it to be added to the TAGZ market.

After the initial 12 weeks has lapsed we will have secured our position as the leading altcoin trading hub and we will continue adding altcoins on a weekly basis to strengthen our lead.