TAGZ Exchange Cracks The Whip with ZERO Trading Fees

TAGZ Free Trading Fees

In anticipation for our new Beta Exchange Platform being released shortly, we have rolled out our new trading fee structure early which has Zero Trading Fees.

We initially had planned for only the first 90 days to be at zero trading fees originally as set out in our whitepaper and with the following 90 days thereafter being at a reduced 0.0005% for both maker & taker fees. However, we have since decided to revise our fee structure to make all trading fees 0% until the end of the year. This means there will be no trading fees at all until our next revision date; Dec 5th 2019.

Why are we offering Zero Fees?

Our emphasis is to create a huge impact with a widely recognizable brand image for traders to know and trust us when it comes to crypto trading on a reputable exchange.

In an effort to be able to achieve this we need to separate ourselves from the competition by completely disrupting the industry and not making a single dime ourselves until we have captured the attention from a larger audience of traders and crypto enthusiasts.

"TAGZ will be the go-to exchange for Altcoin trading in 2020. The word will start to be used commonly in general discussion and recommendations amongst anybody who has anything to do with Altcoins and will become true reality leading up to the new year and beyond".
Bryan M. Seiler

How can we afford not to charge fees?

Think of it like a marketing & advertising budget, that we are technically spending money in the short-term to develop the TAGZ brand into something much bigger so that we can take an even larger bite out of the pie later down the road once we’ve become more established.

We are not greedy little pigs either like most other competitor exchanges so you can rest assured in knowing that we always have a priority to make our customers happy as #1. This philosophy will never change.