TAGZ Exchange Will Continue Operations!

Dear community,

Today marks some great news!

We have managed to work through the numbers and have formulated a business plan that will see TAGZ Exchange continue it’s operations for at least the next 12 months and into the foreseeable future.

On top of this we will be revising our fee structure to be even more aggressively competitive to allow new user acquisitions and higher trading activity across all assets.

Over the next month we will be building out a much more user friendly AI that will do away with all of the inconveniences that led to a handful of account deactivations and rejected KYC applications in the past. 

We will also be upgrading our backend withdrawal system to work absolutely seamlessly with the capacity to process user requests automatically without delay aswell as scaling our liquidity engine to meet market conditions and the needs of our users.

There is a lot more planned and bigger things to come over the next few months so stay tuned and keep Tagzing!

Thank you,

Bryan M. Seiler
Founder & CEO