TAGZ Will Be The Worlds Largest Altcoin Exchange Says Julian Jones, CFO

TAGZ World's Largest Altcoin Exchange

Tagz has taken a new and innovative direction with our decision to become the worlds largest altcoin exchange. By doing so we will provide altcoin traders with a second to none one stop shop for altcoin investment. 

With the ever growing popularity for altcoins in recent times we feel that our valued traders shouldn’t have to venture to multiple sites to find the most promising tokens on the market. Our traders tell us that time matters to them so using multiple trading platforms, entering multiple user names and passwords, remembering which tokens are the correct sites are all time consuming and confusing for traders. 

We’ve listened to our traders and have responded to their needs which will enable them to quickly react to volatile token price fluctuations so they can buy and sell tokens with the optimum profit made all from one exchange.

Our Continued Roadmap

This exciting development does not mean that we have moved away from our original mission of legitimizing the crypto industry and ensuring we have a safe and profitable space for experienced and new traders to confidently trade without fear of market manipulation, spoofing, pump and dumps or engaging with illegitimate projects. 

Our passion in these areas is as strong as ever and we will continue to be scrutinous about which tokens we allow on our exchange and will still enforce our comprehensive KYC policy for new traders to ensure our AML obligations are met. 

So the bottom line is that we will become both the worlds largest altcoin exchange by offering the widest range available on any exchange and in tandem, we will continue to be the most ethical registered cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

"We are thrilled about our new direction and when we combine this with the release of our new Beta platform and the welcoming addition of thousands of new traders expected to join our exchange on 28th September, we anticipate great things ahead of us for our users and our team"
Julian Jones