TAGZ5 Available on DEFI Uniswap Exchange

TAGZ5 on Uniswap

Great news! Your now able to instantly swap & send TAGZ5 and Ethereum (ETH) via Uniswap – Decentralized Exchange.

✅ Buy TAGZ5 with ETH

✅ Sell TAGZ5 to ETH

✅ Swap TAGZ5 with other listed tokens

No need for orderbooks or any P2P trading at all. It’s now easier than ever to buy & sell TAGZ5 tokens by getting instant liquidity for your assets via Uniswap.

How to buy TAGZ5 / ETH?

Step 1: Visit Uniswap Exchange and make sure you have ETH selected as the input and TAGZ5 selected as the output. Just click here for automatic setup.

TAGZ5 Uniswap

Step 2: Connect to your wallet. MetaMask is the preferred and most trusted choice for users.

TAGZ5 Uniswap

Step 3: Click the ‘swap’ button and the equivalent amount of TAGZ5 tokens will be automatically credited to your wallet.

TAGZ5 Uniswap