TAGZ is HardForking to TAGZ5 on 25th November 2019

TAGZ5 Hardfork

We have some big exciting news for you!

Say hello to TAGZ5, the new generation of TAGZ that has just been born!

This new undertaking of TAGZ5 brings with it a renewed sense of positivity and encouragement for all TAGZ Exchange supporters!

TAGZ5 is a the ‘new look’ that is based upon much more than just a normal standard ERC20 token that the old TAGZ token used to be. TAGZ5 token holders will now enjoy many more benefits including better price stability, increased liquidity and volume, aswell as guaranteeing investors a greater return on their investment. 

TAGZ5 is based upward new fundamental building blocks enabling an easy upward future price trajectory from its core formula which is calculated and governed from the current top 5 altcoins; Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and EOS. This allows much more price stability aswell as mitigating a lot of risk that is normally apparent in any standard ERC20 token.

TAGZ5 is much more than an ERC20 token and you can read more about what TAGZ5 is and how the upcoming hardfork effects you by clicking here.