We’re Stopping IEO’s from Feb 1st 2020.

To the entire TAGZ community,


As of February 1st, 2020 we will be ceasing to accept or hold any new IEO’s (Initial Exchange offerings) on the TAGZ Exchange Platform.

The decision to stop IEO’s has been brought about by a realized market shift in the crypto world in an effort to separate ourselves from the myriad of less known, illegitimate and unlicensed exchanges who are still trying desperately to scam money from any new IEO project they can without any performed due diligence in a pure money grab.

We believe in growing our community naturally and organically by protecting all our users against the undeniable evilness of scammy exchanges who only care about their own pockets and turn a blind eye themselves when it comes to listing as many new IEO projects as they can. Most of these exchanges sustain themselves for only a short period of time and end up exiting with user funds including those spent on questionable IEO tokens.

TAGZ has a proven long-term business model and as such, we are not focused on cherry picking low hanging fruit at all, but rather we will take charge to be the first to lead this industry change and concentrate our efforts solely on the direct listing of credible projects which have been carefully screened accordingly.

Our team have your interests at heart and will continue to make sure your experience is #1 and not hindered by the unregulative aspect of IEO’s.


Bryan M. Seiler
Founder & CEO