What is TAGZ Utility? Listing Fees + Price Forecast!

TAGZ Utility

Back at the start of the year we released our whitepaper that covered the token utility whereby trading fees on our exchange platform would be reduced and paid in TAGZ Tokens.

We will continue as planned and certainly not change this approach at all, however the great news is that we’re actually adding to the token utility. Every new token request being added to our exchange will now be charged lower listing fees but the fee will now be payable only in TAGZ.

This means we will not accept BTC, ETH or any other form of digital currency for listing costs, neither will we accept payment in USDT ourselves for conducting IEO’s on the TAGZ Launchpad.

What does all this mean for TAGZ price?

We believe that this new added utility approach will act as the main catalyst to further drive up the price of TAGZ Tokens by forcing the team behind new altcoins to purchase TAGZ from our exchange to pay for the required listing fees.

Our goal is simple; to become the worlds largest altcoin exchange and this means the addition of hundreds of new altcoins being added to our exchange, further increasing the price of all TAGZ Tokens.

If you have a token you would like to list please submit a listing request